Retain your best talent
Gain an advantage over your competitors through increased talent
retention and stronger talent attraction – the next generation employee
benefit….financial wellbeing!

Nestfuel Employee Benefits Partner Program

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as Benefit*

A meaningful employee benefits package is an incredible tool for firms.

Whatever your industry, whatever your skillset, whoever your employees are – your talent looks to benefits as a lead indicator on your company culture, and will act accordingly.


A significant percent of millennials value benefits over pay


Firms see more productivity and engagement directly from provision of meaningful benefits


More of your employees are likely to stay with firm because of benefits package

The cost of replacing lost talent is incredibly high.


US businesses see a significant cost impact every year due to voluntary turnover


of employers struggle to attract and retain their talent


Estimated cost of replacing talent is up to 200% of employee salary. This is a huge drain on your scarce resources

Mortgage as Benefit*

A benefits program that changes the pact between you and your talent

– it simply works

Deliver a financial wellbeing employee benefit that provides tangible and real value. Build your culture through shared values and common goals. Show your people you care about their needs.

A customized financial wellbeing benefit meeting your goals and your employee needs

Change your employees proposition by supporting their financial wellbeing. Not only will you look out for their needs, but more importantly you will attain yours.

Take leadership and control your competitive edge.

Gain an advantage over your competitors through increased talent retention and stronger talent attraction.

Financial wellbeing as a benefit is wanted and needed by your people.


Most employees want financial education with only 13% of Americans showing basic financial literacy


A large majority of Americans are stressed about finances


Almost all of your employees experience a loss of productivity due to financial stress

Mortgage as Benefit*

It is harder than ever to attract and retain top talent. Financial wellbeing built on innovative mortgage finance is a game changer.

Financial wellbeing
as employee benefit
A leading customer service
for you and your people
Single one
stop platform
Utilise the power
of the community

Connectivity and engagement with your people flows directly to your bottom line.


Only 29% of millennials are engaged at work and 65% of employers struggle to engage with their people


Companies with purposeful mission have 49% lower attrition rate


Employees happy with benefits report greater shared values and higher job satisfaction

Focused on homeownership; that's what we know and that's what we are expert in. We innovate to make a difference and that's what your people want.

Nestfuel is a new innovative mortgage lender using the power of the community and partnership to increase access to affordable finance. Through our employee benefits offering, we partner with likeminded companies to give their people a real and tangible benefit – built on the foundation of financial wellbeing and delivering personalized mortgage finance with increased affordability and purchasing power.

At Nestfuel, we know the problem is deeper than simply homeownership.

It is also about the lack of ability to contribute to build up your local community. It is about the lack of opportunity to access wealth in housing and to pass on to the next generation.

We are committed to solve this problem in a simple and effective model, starting with our Employee Benefit Partnership. This allows the power of the employer and employee community to enhance affordable mortgage finance and build local roots earlier.

It's a model of aligned interest and reward with the firm and their talent.

We enable organizations to align their people with their company purpose.

Empowers you to provide rewards that speak to your employee and communicates to shared cultures and values.

Financial wellbeing for you and your people.


Total financial wellbeing benefit built around education and delivering increased access to affordable mortgage finance. Customised for you and your employees supporting financial literacy and homeownership.


Our customised plans meet the needs of your entire workforce – there is no ‘one size fits all’. You get a tailored solution to meet the needs and goals of your firm and the wants of your people.


We understand the key elements that engage talent and how to provide simply and effectively. We equip you with communication, assets and materials for you to engage your workforce.

Easy to implement

Simple administration and reporting capability via our benefits portal. Implementation in just a few clicks. Let us do all the hard work.

Mortgage as Benefit*

The Nestfuel Employee Benefits Partner Program

The Nestfuel Employee Benefits Partner Program

It’s not just another employee benefit.

We want to use employee benefits as a tool to empower more affordable home ownership, supported by financial wellbeing education. We believe this starts with a community, all with common shared goals and values – your firm and your people, in your location.

Offer your talent a real benefit that allows them to gain affordable home financing and build their community.

Financial wellbeing for you and your people

Make sure you have the right benefits in place matching what you want to provide and what your people desire.

The Nestfuel Employer Partnership provides you with a critical tool to support your talent proposition – education on finance, and what it means for them and their future. Build on training, through offering personalized and affordable finance, all supported by your firm.

Delivered through interactive webinars, collateral and content, an admin hub with your key data and performance metrics – all in a simple online portal.

Inspire your employees with great employee benefits.


of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package


of employees would choose one job over another if it offered better benefits


of people report that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer

Financial Wellbeing Support

Digital content to improve financial literacy and awareness

Give your people the tools they need to develop their understanding of finance. Caters for all levels of knowledge from beginner to expert and further supported by provision of mortgage finance.

  • content includes: webinars, guides, case studies – all designed to bust financial myths
  • available online or in person based on desired subscription – webinars, videos, q&a, helpdesk, guides, puzzles
  • ad free with constant updates reflecting key events and news

Getting started is easy

All you have to do is tell us you’re interested and we’ll sort out the rest.

Connect with Nestfuel

We'll give you a call to understand your needs

Nestfuel will work with you and create an offering designed for you and your people

Our team will help you launch and promote to your workplace

Nestfuel manages your offering and training, providing financing for qualifying employees

But don't just take our word for it...

How we help your business

Nestfuel gives your business an edge over your competition by providing a package designed with you and for you, supporting your employees wherever they are and whenever they need.

Save time

  • Easily manage your financial wellbeing benefits all in one place
  • Eliminate the admin and bureaucracy of traditional benefits
    management through an administered scheme, delivered through technology, and reported digitally

Save money

  • Make significant cost savings directly through staff retention and indirectly through improved morale and engagement
  • Increase benefits take-up and ROI through provision of a tangible and real benefit meeting your employee needs

Talent Retention and Acquisition

  • Provide a tangible and real benefit for your people reducing your staff turnover
  • Keep your best people, maintaining your operational performance and limiting downtime

Your company is a great place to work

  • Shared goals and common vision transforms engagement, materially impacting your bottom line
  • Engaged employees promote great place to work and employee advocacy
  • What better way to tell your story than through your people

Your people deliver your company face

  • Positive attitude and willingness to work translates directly to your customer experience
  • Working together with enthusiasm and care helps build that customer relationship, maintaining clients and reputation


Frequently asked questions

Have Questions? We’re here to help

A targeted employee benefit focussed on increased homeownership should increase talent retention rates by improving ability for your people opportunity to buy a home and build local roots. This will increase employee engagement due to lower turnover, improved morale, and employees see your firm as working with them on values, vision and culture. Provide an attractive recruitment tool driven by visible offer direct to the individual and improved employee NPS – a great place to work!

Our partners need to do very little. Nestfuel will provide communications, materials, education and training, and other agreed collateral through you or directly to your employees. We simply expect our partners to facilitate direct or indirect access to your employees. You will be able to access our admin portal and access static materials, statements and contract terms, and overall agreed performance indicators for you and your team. Let us do all the hard work.

Nestfuel offer our partnership via a subscription model to provide our financial wellbeing education, and a fixed charge for each mortgage provided to your people. Contact your Nestfuel relationship to get a specific package structured for you.

There is no minimum number of employees required. The partnership works best when there are at least 5 employees who take up our mortgage financing but even without this your firm will still receive financial wellbeing education.

Our standard contract simply requires 60 days cancellation notice. However, for employees who have taken out mortgage finance we will require payment for a fixed term, up to 5 years, although only to cover this benefit.

Nestfuel provides financial wellbeing education for your firm to your employees. This can be delivered on line and in person depending on your package. For our mortgage financing Nestfuel provides a customised mortgage offer to any employee who applies. Your support allows your employees to increase their purchase power through a higher mortgage amount for the same monthly payment. Nestfuel also provides a tailored admin portal for you to track your key information requirements. This is all online and easily managed.

Once contracts are agreed Nestfuel will provide all required material for your employees. We can access your employees either directly or through your intranet or HR portal

If any employee who has taken our customised mortgage finance offer leaves your firm the employee will be responsible for continuing the ongoing payment term for the specific benefit. If your firm reduces its workforce and an impacted employee is benefitting from our mortgage finance your firm would still be responsible for meeting the partnership payments.

Nestfuel work with our partners to provide different levels of financial wellbeing education. This can be a simple standard education package and can be developed to cover personalised and in person education, supported through a dedicated help line. The mortgage financing can also be customised based on how much support you want to provide to your people – simply put this could lead to an even greater advance amount without increasing the monthly payment they would otherwise make

Each firm will have a unique access page providing your specific materials and performance. Ongoing admin is low maintenance leaving you to manage for your company. Nestfuel in some cases will provide a dedicated helpdesk or even a dedicated account manager.

All your staff will have access to financial wellbeing education. The key personal benefit will be access to customised mortgage finance supported by you, giving them innovative mortgage offerings.

Nestfuel will undertake simple diligence to understand your firms strength, vision, and culture which together with looking at your goals and targets will determine how we can partner together. This will be quick and efficient giving you a high level of confidence and certainty about the offering.

Login to Nestfuel Home Partnership portal and you will see your company page. This will show materials available for your firm, key metrics of our partnership including utilization and capacity, and a depositary for all your contacts and files.

It’s easy! If you want to expand your agreed community with Nestfuel contact us HERE and we will respond within 24 hours or click HERE and upgrade your partnership immediately

We work on the basis that the employee will pay only their traditional mortgage payment as set out in the mortgage document. Some companies may decide to ask their employees to contribute a portion of this.

All beneficiaries can refinance their mortgage at any time either with Nestfuel or with another lender. There will be some breakage costs based around the financing benefit which will be based on the length the mortgage has been outstanding for. At this point you the firm would no longer be obligated to make your payments.

Of course, Nestfuel will show financing options to any employee. However, in some cases there may not be any material difference.

Nestfuel is a new innovative mortgage lender using the power of the community and partnership to increase access to affordable finance. Through our employee benefits offering we partner with likeminded companies to give their people a real and tangible benefit – built on the foundation of financial wellbeing and delivering personalised mortgage finance with increased affordability/purchasing power.

Nestfuel believes in the power of the community based on view together we are stronger. For our employee benefits proposition your community is employer, your colleagues, and nestfuel and together we can increase your purchase power.